Prototyping for the Ministry of Communication and Transport

The FinICT-network facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration and utilization of research findings to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of decision-making. The project was run by the Finnish Ministry of Communications and Transport which was committed in quick prototyping of advanced data management, new collaborative web tools and crowdsourcing practices.

Private Investigations helped the project management to communicate their work and increase collaboration between companies, NGOs and public officials. This included writing features on the website, producing visuals, networking and engaging in dialogue with the stakeholders.

The topics ranged from opening a national Internet of Things forum and facilitating intergovernmental dialogue about My Data to testing new crowdsourcing methods to advance multidisciplinary programs such as crowdsourcing The Ministry of Communication and Transports 2020 future review and the state's ICT oriented lobbying goals towards the European Union. Other topics included opening research data in the Universities and utilizing behavioral sciences knowhow in designing government processes and services.