Fuzzy Front End signs with Holtslag&Laine

The International superstar combo Fuzzy Front End signed a ground breaking agency deal with Holtslag&Laine company. "The terms and conditions of the contract are classified", the Dutch saxophone virtuous band leader Clever Chris states.


"Our interstellar groove section's' proven to spin some serious socks, and maybe occasionally twist some knickers too", adds the bands versatile extraterrestial percussionist Pete "Sweety-Pi" Parker.

"The collaboration's been brewing for sometime now. We finally managed to get all the players in the same solar system thanks to Holtslag&Laine's Interdisciplinary Management services", rejoices the stunningly beautiful  French born lead singer Maud Bocquillod. "Me and my boys are quaranteed to make your butt move on the dance floor", she continues.

"Our repertoire consists mainly of groovy jazz standards and latin classics, which might cause some serious bounce in a lively chest", the Canadian born bass player Ashkan "Enzio" Sh sums up.

The German born drummer Clemens "Steamroom" Westrup describes the beat as "primal" and begins a detailed lecture about the double helix groove of the natures order. 

The alto and tenor saxophone wizard Stephane "Quick foot" Poirie picks up on the double helix idea and applies it to the horn section implementation, "we rarely drop a curtsy with the whole band. There's always a couple plot lines going on. We will never suffer a boring day."

The bone player Vaudeville Vanguard's getting into groove, "Amen to that Stephane! We're here to groove from hell to high water. Prepare a dance and a song!"                 

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