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Our opportunity investigation service can help you scope your business effort. We can offer you a solid basis for argumentation, decision making, and allocating sales effort.  We also deliver state of the art data for further simulations and modeling when needed. Give us a call! 



Regional Smart SPECIALIZATION IN Etelä-Kymenlaakso

”The agency inspired the use of new research methodologies and innovative collaboration models. Their swift and pragmatic attitude was a great help, particularly in communications and in facilitation of the events. The agency managed to attract the nation’s leading professionals to take part in the local development in Etelä-Kymenlaakso on very short notice.”

  TOMMY ULMANEN Logistics research manager, North European Logistics Institute


TOMMY ULMANEN Logistics research manager, North European Logistics Institute

  SAMI MAJANIEMI, FinICT Project Manager, The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications


SAMI MAJANIEMI, FinICT Project Manager, The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications

Prototyping for Ministry of communications and transport

"Due to the interdisciplinary character of the FinICT-program, we needed an agent, who, besides having the necessary journalistic skills, could quickly immerse himself into a new technically demanding subject and make the intricate inner workings comprehensible and interesting to the stakeholders. In the process, the agency also demonstrated their aptness in developing journalistic methods in the collaborative solution seeking direction, which is something that the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE has also started propagating more recently."



Textiles in the Dutch Circular Economy

The Finnish delegation of Sitra and Finatex representatives was brought to leading Dutch Circular Economy companies and research groups.

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